Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When U Feel U are all wrong

This blog is not worth reading. It is neither informative nor will it try to give you any gyaan about the do and dont's in life. This is just for your quick reference whenever u feel down or sad or feel that you have wronged anyone. In the course of last 2 years I have come across many who surround your life and also that do matter . Probably you would never realize what you did for each one of them so this is honest portrayal for the point of view of a third person .

1. The Bloodies : They are people who share the same blood as you. Today when there is this whole ruckus about why you are still single and why dont you want to mingle I look back and think werent't they the same ones who tried stopping you from moving on when you did want to. Inspite of this you stood beside each one of them and supported them in whichever means possible. Does not this deserve some kudos?

2. The one who loved : Prat ,the hero of your life. I guess no one ever loved you more than him and neither did you love anyone more than him. When you think of him there is always this sense of guilt that haunts you. You believe he was wronged . But isnt he the same one for whom you tried sacrificing all that mattered to you the most. And werent you honest enough to stand face to face and tell him the truth.Even when your entire respect in both sides were lost you did try to correct yourself.He moved on but you still corrected yourself reducing your own self to an anti social unhappy human being . Even now or in future its his value system that still guides you. Isn't that more than just getting married and being loyal.

3. The one who waited : He is the man who waited with all his patience for that someday when you will be back to your old image. While he waited you slowly moved away from him. You feel he was wronged but arent you correcting all that now even with 50000 different kinds of thought in your mind. Do you still believe you were wrong?
4. The Mahatma : He was a man always around claiming to be the bestest friend u had. U feel he is left out he is deserted . Dont you think he was always informed of the inevitable. Inspite of all this you still want him to be happy and content in his life . Dont you think you have done more than your share as a good friend.

Happy New Year 2012.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

$ mv "abhisek purkayastha" dinu kaka : The Aftermath & the Clarification

Disclaimer :
The Ideas behind & the contents of this blog have been copied and duplicated from multiple avenues. These are actual violtaions of IPR and anyone able to identify the actual source will win bash prizes from the composer.
All the contents within blog have strong resemblance to many people living , dead and under the influence of coke & marijuana. This is purely intentional and the composer does not regret his doing evn to the slightest measues.

Dedicated To :

All My Beloved colleagues and Seniors for putting me in a Jobless Job and providing me with atleast 105 hrs of spare time every week.

There has been lots of speculation about the possible reasons of me renaming myself as Dinu Kaka.

Some friends have attributed this to my losing of mental balance while others have raised questions & concerns about the daily living of my ancestors.

The Purkayastha community across the globe has termed this move as a possible humiliation to their blood line .

The Singhals of Roy & Bariwali have termed this as an hillarious and impractical move coz according to them throughout the ages the Dinu Kaka's have always belonged to the Bania community and its not possible for any Bong to Christian himself Dinu Kaka.The females from the Singhal community went a step further and to mark a Protest they have stopped selling "Creative Apples" to neone belonging to the Purkayastha community.

The Sharma's that I know of have expressed great Sharmindagi . According to them the mediaval hobdokosh(Dictionary) had already defined a one to one relationship between surnames and profession (e.g XXXXXX : Chowkidar etc) and so any effort by anyone living ,dead,drunk to change this Doctrines will receive Harsh Criticism and protests from their community. The PTI reported that to mark a protest against this move the Purkayastha Mansion in the City of Silchar was left unguarded for 0.0000006723 secs.

The So called Sympathizer of Working Class have raised a hue and cry about this move stating that these are the efforts of a Petite bourgeoisie to identify himself with common working population of the Third World. They stated that this move might have seriuos repurcussions in the Coming Lok Sabha elections 2009.

Calling this as one of the greatest horological mistakes since the partition of India the Right Wings have decided to undertake a Path Yatra from Kashmir till Kanyakumari.........
According to them Din is "one of the ten aspects of the Ein Sof in kabbalah (mystical aspect of Judaism) "
whereas Kaka is the Hindu word for "a person who shares the same ancestral trait, sex and blood line as one's father with cetain amount of arrival delays......."
As such juxtaposing these might hurt the religious sentiments of both these communities...........
Also the "U" between din and kaka might provocate youngsters into inter community marraiges ..

Certains communities have raised questions about the usage of Kaka after Dinu.........
According to them this usage is a conscious attempt by selected few people to give religious color to the concept of Dinu who were alover the Silver Screen during the late 60's & early 70's.

The Ruling Class however appreciated this move ..........stating that this highlights the miserable plight of backward communities of Modern India.....They promised a definite reservation of .3% for any one whose father is either a Kaka or a Dinu.

With so much happening for so little the sutradhar or creator of controversy I myself decided to give my justifications a touch of ink and hence this blog :

What anyone did not realise was the fact that when the ever smoking, ever stinking Abhisek Purkayastha changed his name to Dinu Kaka in orkut he had a completely diffrent rationale behind his move.Ever since I was a kid I was an out an out movie buff.But our time was the time of the DDs when 1 movie a week (Sunday evenings only) was the mark of luxury. I grew up watching 70mm movies of the 60's in my small 14" Television.However there was I one striking similarity between all these movies : the main protagonist was always surrounded , protected and cared for typically by maid servants (often having screen names Dinu Kaka). And so along with the Shammi kappors and the Rajendra Kumards Dinu kaka's also became my childhood heroes. Dinu kaka was not just a name it was actually a phenomena -- be it saving the spoilt brat Shammi kapoor from the wrath of the idealististic Nazir Hussain or protecting the delicate , petrified Shaira Banoo from the onslaught of Lalita pawar Dinu kaka was always there .His job demanded timely exceution of duties but providing services keenly and affectionately was an add on (Donno if there was a concept of Performance appraisal or Yearly Hike on those parameters).
I too, being the kid of working parents, was taken care after by a feminine version of Dinu kaka.I still remember her making special dishes for me when I was not very keen on having vegetables or saving me when I was late for lunch.
I met her for the last time a couple of years back (She was pretty old by then) and the very concept of me cooking for myself in bangalorebrought tears into her eyes.

In todays age even the concept of Dinu Kaka's have become a rarity. My renaming myself as Dinu Kaka is just a tribute to this phenomena. that is truely and slowly on the verge of extinction...............